Who We Are


Old Fast Glass is a Los Angeles based cinema lens rental company, specializing in vintage lenses. We are passionate about lenses because they are one of the most important tools filmmakers have to give a project its unique look.

There are more equipment options available than ever before, especially when it comes to lenses. It can be overwhelming and there are many voices out there telling us one lens is “better” than another. At Old Fast Glass we choose our lenses based on the image they create, not the brand name engraved on the barrel or what a salesperson told us at a trade show.

We are a company started by filmmakers. We test, and we use this equipment for our projects. Our motto has always been “we will only offer equipment we would use on our own projects.” We have been researching, testing, collecting and shooting with vintage lenses for years.

Old Fast Glass has the highest standards when it comes to our lenses and all of our gear is serviced regularly. We also carry multiples of many of our lenses, so if a lens does need service, we can often provide a replacement.

Although we specialize in vintage lenses, we have plenty of modern glass too. We also carry many lenses that can cover Full Frame sensors, lenses designed for the Super 16 format, and some specialty optics. We offer full camera packages and accessories as well.

Please don't hesitate to email us, whether you are looking for a quote or just want to talk lenses.